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A challenge for the actor (Performing Arts nº 62) (Spanish Edition)

In this text, the result of more than forty years dedicated to the training of actors, Uta Hagen defines the objectives that an actor must pursue and provides the specific techniques to achieve them. Thus, it proposes delving into the physical senses and into psychology itself to offer a good interpretation, and proposes exercises that allow to recreate authentic emotions on stage.

Great connoisseur of the difficulties an actor faces when giving life to a character, she also offers solutions to concrete difficulties such as how to recreate the outdoors on stage, find an occupation while waiting on stage, speak with the public , learn to use the historical imagination and be able to interpret period characters with authentic conviction. In short, Uta Hagen offers countless practical aids that have made her one of the most influential pedagogues in the United States, with such outstanding students as Geraldine Page and Jack Lemmon, and A challenge for the actor a bestseller in terms of theatrical learning is concerned.

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